Marketing Solutions


Ensure your marketing campaign stretches out to the maximum target audience. Bulk SMS campaigns are one of the most customer-friendly and easy-to-use marketing channels. It ensures your promotional campaigns focuses on the interested target audience.


Verified WhatsApp is a feature that allows businesses to have a green badge next to their name, which confirms that they are authentic and notable. Automation is a way of setting up automatic responses or actions on WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business API. Some benefits of using these features are:

I.            You can send notifications to your customers via WhatsApp APIs.

II.            You can use WhatsApp CRMs to manage customer support, such as shared inbox, bot automation, etc

III.            You can create basic or advanced automation bots that can send photos, videos, files, or store messages in a database.

Voice Broadcast

Reach a large number of people in one go. Quickly start your campaign without any infrastructural setup. Deliver high-quality and secure broadcasting campaign on our reliable, secure and encrypted platform.

Manage multiple voice campaigns seamlessly on our easy-to-use web portal. Use pre-defined message templates or customize campaign messages with our text-to-speech feature.

Broadcast announcement, alerts, promotions or other important messages on a single click. Boost your campaign scope and success rate with automated call retries, DNC checks, or on-demand scalability.